Collection: Water

Peterson, Delia and Ann Erickson – OH0385
Interview Date: 1988

People: Delia Peterson, Ann Erickson, Walker family, Erickson family.   Places: Walker Ranch, Gross Reservoir.   Topics: cattle, grain, house, buildings on ranch, railroad grade along South Boulder Creek, Indian scout, storing ice, vegetable garden, canning meat, dances, schoolhouse, stoves, milk … Continue reading

Poor, George W. – OH0467
Interview Date: 1989

Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Farmer’s Ditch, Pleasant View School, State Preparatory School – flag rush.  

Riethmayer, Leo – OH0378
Interview Date: 1988

People: Leo Riethmayer.   Places: Boulder, Gunbarrel.   Topics: University of Colorado, bureau of state and community service, bureau of government research and service, public administration, in-service training program and consultants for cities; mayor of Boulder 1955-1959; water rights; sewage … Continue reading

Rogers, Allan B. – OH0690
Interview Date: 1994

People: Allan B. Rogers, Charles G. Buckingham, George Rogers, Platt Rogers, Sr., Amos Widner.   Places: Boulder, Tungsten, Rogers Park, Nederland, Rollinsville.   Subjects: Construction of Boulder Canyon road — Rogers Park — Tungsten — Switzerland Trail — Spruce budworm … Continue reading

Sampson, Joanna F. – OH1096
Interview Date: 2002

People:  Albert McHevick, Arthur Lakes, Brett Wheeler, Don Dimico, Frank McHevick Jr., Harold DeBaker, Joe Janicke, Joseph Gabriella, Paul Sibley, Todd Hunter   Places: Boulder County, Foxtown, Marshall   Subjects: City of Boulder Open Space, City of Boulder Landfill, coal … Continue reading

Sawhill, George and Charles – OH0336
Interview Date: 1983, 1986

People: George L. Sawhill, Charles Sawhill, Judge Housel.   Places: Boulder, Valmont, Davidson area, Burlington, Gunbarrel Hill.   Subjects: 90 years old; Donnelly house; Jones Hotel and stage stop; Jones and Donnelly irrigation ditch; Valmont School; brick yard; Presbyterian Church; … Continue reading

Schlagel, Jacob – OH0503
Interview Date: 1990

People: Jacob (Joe) Schlagel.   Places: Longmont.   Subjects:  Nelson School; parents from Russia; threshing in 1930s; Boulder County Fair; oil drilling; Lakeview School; Boulder County High School track meets 1920; baseball; farming; irrigation – Peck, Oligarchy, Rough & Ready, … Continue reading

Seymour, Charlotte – OH0284
Interview Date: 1985

Family homesteaded on what is now Arapahoe Village; met Indians; Isabella Bird Bishop; Jim Nugent; anecdotes; flood from broken dam; buildings of Boulder, stores, restaurants, hospitals; water rights; Pow Wow; Interurban; University of Colorado; Chautauqua.  

Smith, George L. – OH0630
Interview Date: 1993

People: Horace (Bud) Holmes, Lefferdink.   Places: Boulder, Silver Lake.   Subjects:Paper route as child, News Herald, Camera: how papers are printed, ads, pictures, extras;entertainment, fishing,  land where Community Hospital is, Boulder Medical Center, fish hatchery, water.  

Sudan, Martha – OH0938
Interview Date: 1999

People: John and Nora Hartman, Mattie Leyner Howell, Albert Leyner, Peter A. and Maria Leyner, Dr. A.C. Sudan   Places: Boulder Creek from 95th Street to US 287   Subjects: Boulder Valley Railroad in 1873, heron rookery along Boulder Creek, … Continue reading

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