Collection: Women in Colorado: Hidden Faces

The “Hidden Faces” collection consist of interviews with women living in all parts of Colorado. Most of the interviews were with women over seventy years of age who have recollections of life in Colorado before 1920. The purpose of the project was to provide Coloradans with exposure to the “missing half” of state history and to reassure women that they are very much a part of history. The interviews were collected in the 1970s.

Crowell, Mae Craig – OH0117
Interview Date: 1976

Mae Crowell talks about the Black community near Manzanola in 1915, farming, teaching, recreation, clubs, and marriage.

Effie Gillaspie Cox – OH0120
Interview Date: 1976

Effie Cox describes life in Meeker through the early part of the 1900s. She goes into detail about timber, homestead, 1918 influenza, school, wells, Petrolite, square dances, farming, marriage, social life, and family relationships.

Ella Leonard Kimpel – OH0102
Interview Date: 1978

Ella Kimpel speaks about homesteading, dry land farming, attending the music conservatory at CSU in Fort Collins, being a housekeeper and janitor, women at the turn of the century, and health problems.

Erma Lombardi – OH0105
Interview Date: 1976

Erma Lombardi speaks of the Italian community in Denver and Arvada in early 1900s. She also goes into detail about her marriage, childbirth, and her relationship with her husband.

Fenton, Elsie Smith – OH0111
Interview Date: 1977

Elsie Fenton describes her journey to Colorado from Utah in 1893 in a covered wagon, childhood games, dances, farming, schooling, the Depression, Glenwood Springs, coal mining, labor troubles, Native Americans, New Castle, Marble, and Leadville.

Garlington, Hazel Lee – OH0118-A
Interview Date: 1976

Hazel Garlington speaks about Trinidad-La Junta history 1890s, being a student at Colorado College, dorm life, and classes in 1910. She details her experience teaching kindergarten in La Junta, Colorado. She also talks about the women’s music club, social activities, … Continue reading

Kennon, Lulu Stewart – OH0113
Interview Date: 1976

Lulu Kennon talks about DeBeque in the early 1880. She goes into detail about games played, school life, ranching, holidays celebrated, and boarding school in Denver, life during World War I.

Marshall, Josie – OH0128
Interview Date: 1976

Topics: Silver Plume; Silverton; businesses, stage coach, hospital, midwife, lodges, church activities, school (games), mines, holidays, home remedies.

Marshall, Josie with Margaret Carlson, and Henry Anderson – OH0127
Interview Date: 1976

Topics: Silver Plume, life of women in mining town, Georgetown, Idaho Springs, teaching in Colorado in 1920s, status of women in teaching, recreation, dances, health care, women’s organizations, birth control.

Mary B. Autry – OH0118-B
Interview Date: 1976

Mary B. Autry speaks about life in La Junta in 1910, influenza, ranching, family and social life, schooling, games, transportation

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