Alvarez, Teresa

Alvarez, Teresa
Alvarez, Teresa, 1897-, interviewee; Banfield, Theresa, interviewer; Vigil, Regina, interviewer;
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Theresa Alvarez, who was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, describes her life living in Boulder County. Her parents died when she was young so she lived with foster parents who were farmers in Fort Collins’ beet fields. The foster parents contracted farmers and housed boarders. Alvarez went to school until the age of thirteen and learned English through babysitting. She got married at the age of seventeen to one of the boarders. Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez moved to a mining camp in Lafayette where he worked in the mines in the wintertime and farmed in the summertime. She describes husband’s life as a miner. She had ten daughters, but three of them died. One died at birth, one at the age of five of leukemia, and one died at the age of eighteen of tuberculosis. Her husband had black lung disease. The husband was strict with his girls and did not let them have boyfriends. She also describes the difficulties of living in the mining camp during the Great Depression. She talks about household duties and taking care of her children. She explains cooking, breastfeeding, and toilet training. They later moved to Boulder where the husband commuted to Lafayette. Mrs. Alvarez worked at Mt. Saint Gertrudes as a cook to have money for her daughters to attend school there. They bought a house of their own in 1944.

Boulder County (Colo.) History.
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analog cassettes
OH 0137 and OH 0138 were consolidated into OH 0137. Recorded for the Boulder Women's Oral History Project under the direction of Susan Armitage.
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