Brown, Janet

Brown, Janet
Brown, Janet, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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Janet Brown, a disabled Rocky Flats worker, describes the neurological illness that caused her disability, and her work to help other disabled Rocky Flats workers retain their medical benefits. She also discusses her career at Rocky Flats, in which she started as a machinist in 1982 and ended as a Product Engineer in the ‘90’s when she had to stop work.


People: Stanley Beitscher (retired Rocky Flats scientist), David Skaggs (U.S. Congressman)


Places: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (Idaho Falls, Idaho), Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant


Subjects: machining plutonium pits at Rocky Flats, feeling proud of being part of deterrence, preventing Communism, product engineer work at Rocky Flats, onset and course of Janet Brown’s illness (epilepsy), discussion of neurological illnesses at Rocky Flats and other nuclear facilities and among survivors and descendants of Hiroshima, being on disability, working with disabled Rocky Flats workers to insure medical benefits, changing of medical benefits promised by Kaiser-Hill, using news media to make this public, women and machining, sexual harassment at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, supervision of male machinists at Rocky Flats, distrust of Department of Energy, clean-up effort, problem of handling of nuclear waste, opposition to Waste Incineration Pilot Project (WIPP), attitude towards protesters.


Boulder (Colo.) History.
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