Crain, Jim Crain

Crain, Jim Crain
Sampson, Joanna, interviewer; Crain, Jim, 1946-, interviewee;
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People: Maddie Dean, Dave Koonz, Van Vleet family, Don Walker, Dr. Bill Weber


Places: Boulder, Conda Quarry on Eldorado Mountain, Eldorado Springs, Jefferson County, White Rocks Open Space


Subjects: Open Space program in Boulder, financing, how money can be used, accomplishments, management of land, plant and animal inventories, archeological and historical documentation, mapping, mineral rights, personnel (staff, consultants and volunteers), law enforcement, fire management, history of preservation, 1997 conflict with city manager over Open Space funds, purchase of open space in Jefferson County, potential for development, media role.


Includes videographed maps of City of Boulder Open Space, and videographed photographs of City of Boulder Open Space: The Matron, Open Space overlook, cows grazing, yellow Indian grass, Gorham Mine in Marshall (1914), Marshall Mesa trailhead, Hornbook ruin (2 photos), Dunn House ruin, cabin in Shadow Canyon, ripple rocks, big bluestem grass, side oats gramma grass (2 photos), Gorham Mine wall, looking west from Marshall Mesa area, Dowdy Draw and Eldorado Canyon. These photographs are copyrighted to Joanna Sampson and not available for use by the public.

Supplementary material available in OH file at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History.


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