Vejvoda, Edward

Vejvoda, Edward
Vejvoda, Edward, 1924-, interviewee; Nordhaus, Hannah, interviewer;
Date Recorded:
September 23, 2003
Date digitized:
Length of interview:
151 minutes, 53 seconds

People: Jack Burn

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Topics:Companies that ran Rocky Flats: Dow Chemical, Rockwell, EG&GJobs held at Rocky Flats: spectroscopist, Manager of the Analytical Methods Development Group, Manager of Chemistry R&D group, Director of Chemical Recycle (later renamed Chemical Operations, then Plutonium Operations), consultant on plutonium task force and for Rocky Flats through Los Alamos Technical Associates (LATA)Description of Rocky Flats buildings in general; specifics about Buildings 81, 91, and 881; “as built” drawings for buildings and updates to drawings

Comparison of Rocky Flats and Los Alamos

Security at Rocky Flats: Q-clearance, Materials Balance Areas (MBAs), moving around plan

Safety at Rocky Flats

Health risks at Rocky Flats: beryllium, plutonium, radiation exposure

Union at Rocky Flats

Waste disposal at Rocky Flats: shipping off site, holding in ponds, 903 pad, SK standards, spraying water

1957 fire

1969 fire

Protesters at Rocky Flats

FBI raid at Rocky Flats

Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

Department of Energy (DOE)

Atomic Energy Act of 1954

Resource and Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA)

Cleanup of Rocky Flats

Cold War

Rocky Flats plant (U.S.)
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mini-dv tape
This interview is part of a series about the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant
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