Cobb, Jock

Cobb, Jock
Cobb, John C., 1919-, interviewee; Nordhaus, Hannah, interviewer;
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2003, 2004
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People: Pat Kelly, Carl J. Johnson, Bruce DeBoskey

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Subjects: conscientious objector in World War II, Peace Action Committee of the American Friends Service Committee, Lamm Task Force on Rocky Flats, RFP IND-10 (report on a study about contaminated soil in area around Rocky Flats), MUF plutonium (Material Unaccounted For), contamination of Rocky Flats workers, medical and psychiatric care of Rocky Flats workers, suppression of research results, improper monitoring of radiation badges at Rocky Flats, study of amount of plutonium in human tissue from people who had lived near Rocky Flats, nuclear weapons, real estate development of land around Rocky Flats, risks of plutonium exposure, Rocky Flats Monitoring Committee, evidence of a criticality at Rocky Flats, determining risks of different levels of radiation exposure, use of Rocky Flats as a wildlife refuge, effect of protests on decision to close Rocky Flats, use of spiderwort plants to detect radiation, lawsuits filed against Rocky Flats that were handled by Bruce DeBoskey.
Supplemental material available in the narrator’s file at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History.


Cobb, John C., 1919-
Rocky Flats Plant (U.S.)
Antinuclear movement Colorado.
Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Plutonium in the body.
Political activists Colorado Rocky Flats
Radiation dosimetry.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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