Edward A. Putzier

Edward A. Putzier
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People: Dr. Ed Martell (NCAR scientist) — Places: Los Alamos test site, Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Building 71 at Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant — Subjects: protection from radioactivity and other dangers, “count room” to measure radiation, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and how they worked, protective equipment, lack of commercial availability of protective gear in early days, dosimetry (radiation monitoring), film badges, Atomic Energy Commission standards, TLD (thermoluminescent dosimetry badge), “Peewee” alpha radiation detection instrument, Building 71 (production of coated plutonium, liquid waste processed into sludge east of building), security procedures, 1957 fire (sampling of dirt along the road, change to non-flammable filters), background of 903 pad (Ed Martell’s finding of contamination east of the plant, air sampling showing movement of material east), 1957 explosion in Building 71, development and use of wound counter, use of “chelating agent” (EDTA – ethylene diamine tetroacetic acid), to enhance excretion of plutonium, “safe geometries” to prevent criticality accident, teamwork atmosphere when working under Dow Chemical, changes after 1969 fire, pioneering stage of nuclear industry, opportunity to create new instrumentation, stress caused by media reporting on Rocky Flats, anti-nuclear movement (protesters), Atomic Energy Commission.
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OH 1203. Audio file, time-indexed transcript, and an addendum, “The Rocky Flats Body Counter: The Real Story” by Edward Putzier, available on-line. View DVD, time-indexed transcript, and an addendum, “The Rocky Flats Body Counter: The Real Story” by Edward Putzier, at Carnegie Branch Library.

Putzier, Edward A., 1924-, interviewee
Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer

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Putzier, Edward A., 1924-
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