Brever, Jacque

Brever, Jacque
Brever, Jacque(Jacqueline), 1957-, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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110 minutes, 39 seconds

People: Karen Pitts (fellow chemical operator at Rocky Flats), Ron Avery (foreman at Rocky Flats), Caron Balkany (attorney, author of “The Ambushed Grand Jury”)

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Subjects: work as chemical operator in Building 771 beginning in 1982, plutonium recovery process in Building 771, making pits or triggers for nuclear weapons, incentive of high pay and unlimited overtime at Rocky Flats, difficulties of being one of the first women in production, “Charlie’s Angels”, an all-women production team, feelings about the role of the union at Rocky Flats, filing a Form 628 Safety Concern regarding a near-criticality incident (suppression of information by the union, investigation by Rockwell of incident, reputation as a trouble-maker), inadequacy of dosimeters, problems with monitoring badges, getting radiation sickness, FBI raid, role in possible illegal midnight incineration (contacting the FBI about incident, testimony to Grand Jury, receiving immunity for testimony, journals kept by Jacque Brever, implications of alleged midnight incineration), harassment by management and other workers, experience with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, health problems that may be related to Rocky Flats work, collaboration with Caron Balkany, work to prevent a wildlife refuge/recreation area on Rocky Flats site, helping workers with health problems, feelings about manufacture of nuclear weapons, danger to workers.
Supplemental material available in the narrator’s file at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History

Brever, Jacque (Jacqueline), 1957-
Rocky Flats Plant (U.S.)
Labor unions Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radioactive waste disposal Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radioactive waste sites Cleanup Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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