McKinley, Wes

McKinley, Wes
McKinley, Wes, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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People: Ray Geyer (Rocky Flats worker), Jacque Brever (Rocky Flats worker), Jon Lipsky (FBI agent), Allen Divers (expert on “flyover” film), David Skaggs (former Congressman), Macon Cowles (environmental attorney), Jonathan Turley (attorney), Mike Norton, Caron Balkany

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Topics: Rocky Flats Grand Jury (summons, history of Grand Juries, selection process, selection to be Foreman, investigation of environmental crimes at Rocky Flats, meeting from 1989-1992, Grand Jury’s indictments after the settlement with Rockwell, Rule 6e: secrecy rule, information leaked to newspapers illegally, effect of experience and publicity on his life and family), attitude about nuclear weapons, incinerator burning in 771, FBI “flyover” to document, concerns about environmental problems at Rocky Flats, “caustic canyons”, pondcrete, public becoming inattentive to problems of contamination, safety of using the Rocky Flats site as a wildlife refuge, investigation of Rocky Flats Grand Jury by the Justice Department, David Skaggs position on immunity for the Grand Jury members, letter to Clinton read on courthouse steps, Wolpe Committee, congressional oversight investigation, “The Ambushed Grand Jury” (writing and publication of book with co-author Caron Balkany, publicity for book, public response to book, purpose in publishing book), publicity on courthouse steps after Clinton was elected, reasons for FBI raid of Rocky Flats, dangers of plutonium.

Supplemental material available in the OH file.

McKinley, Wes
Balkany, Caron
United States Dept. of Justice
Nuclear weapons plants Environmental aspects Colorado Rocky Flats. Radioactive waste disposal Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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