Solo, Pam

Solo, Pam
Solo, Pam., 1946-, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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People: Jock Cobb (scientist), Tim Wirth (congressman from Colorado), Dick Lamm (governor of Colorado), Bob Williams (manager of Rocky Flats under Rockwell), Daniel Ellsberg (political activist), Pat Schroeder (congresswoman from Colorado), Jim Kelly (Rocky Flats union president)

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Subjects: membership in Sisters of Loretto (Denver), work with American Friends Service Committee, learning about militarism and nuclear work in Colorado including Rocky Flats, slogan: “Local hazard, global threat”, Lamm-Wirth Task Force (influence of environmental movement, influence of Rocky Flats union, public hearings on Rocky Flats, recommendations), appointment to Rocky Flats Monitoring Committee (attending meetings on site, effect of the site on narrator, frustration), demonstrations at and concerning Rocky Flats (educational demonstrations, soil testing, balloons released, efforts to work with union on conversion plan, national demonstration in 1978, relation to national nuclear freeze movement, training associated with the demonstration, involvement of Daniel Ellsberg, split between Rocky Flats Action Group and Rocky Flats Truth Force, change in action plan for demonstration, stereotypes about peace activists, disruption of relationship with the labor union at Rocky Flats), work with the national nuclear freeze movement (delegation to the Soviet Union, collapse of SALT II agreement negotiations), view of role as a female peace activist, interrelation of peace and environmental issues, radiation victims’ hearings in Washington (DC), work with Pat Schroeder as campaign manager of congressional campaigns and exploratory run for president, formation of Civil Society Institute, evaluation of work with Rocky Flats, end of Cold War.


Ellsberg, Daniel.
Solo, Pam., 1946-
Antinuclear movement Colorado.
Cold War Moral and ethical aspects.
Demonstrations Colorado Rocky Flats.
Labor unions Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear disarmament.
Nuclear weapons Moral and ethical aspects.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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