DeGrazio, Bob

DeGrazio, Bob
DeGrazio, Bob(Robert P.), 1927-2012,; interviewee Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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People: John Epp (manager at Rocky Flats), Dominic Sanchini (manager at Rocky Flats), Frend John Miner (laboratory manager at Rocky Flats)
Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant
Subjects: study of chemistry at University of Denver under the GI bill, work at Oak Ridge for six months, work at Rocky Flats for 38 years (beginning in 1952, working in a garage before Buildig 81 was ready), chemist, research and development work (manager of Building 79), secrecy at the plant, thoughts about the Cold War, protesters, tritium contamination incident, Building 79 (research and development buildling, description of 1969 fire, potential danger to surrounding community, the union at Rocky Flats, Italians at Rocky Flats, fictional story he wrote (see file) about working at Rocky Flats, FBI raid, mock “terrorist” raid that he didn’t know was mock, security procedures, security drills, gamma alarms, gamma rays, work with radioactive materials, plutonium, americium, measuring for body burden in the radiation counter, team work at Rocky Flats.

Supplemental material available in the narrator’s file at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History. Materials include a cartoon, and a short story written by the interviewee.

DeGrazio, Bob (Robert P.), 1927-2012
Rocky Flats Plant (U.S.)
Nuclear weapons industry Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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