Skinger, Stan A.

Skinger, Stan A.
Skinger, Stan A., 1942-, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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109 minutes, 46 seconds

People: Bill Dennison, Wayne Jessor, Joe Campbell

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Topics: early years near Chicago, work at Rocky Flats from 1963 to 1971, work as janitor, Building 44 which was used for machining uranium and beryllium, high pay at Rocky Flats, work in Plant Protection (security guard), experiences in military during the Vietnam War, working with Bill Dennison, 1969 fire in Building 76-77 (fire-fighting with Bill Dennison, descriptions of the fire, importance of keeping the plenums from burning, Benelex shielding material burning, reasons for the small number of fire-fighters, having his mask ripped off, breathing fumes, using Survive-Air tanks, walking through water in the “sheep dips”, making the decision to use water on the fire, teamwork with Bill Dennison, cleaning up from being contaminated, wearing plastic bag home, beliefs about cause of the fire), chemical explosion in June 1964, health problem diagnosed as mesothelioma, possibly from losing mask in 1969 fire, reasons for leaving Rocky Flats, work since leaving Rocky Flats (tropical fish business, work with delinquent youth in detention and treatment facilities), controversy about sabotage to gloveboxes after the 1969 fire, thoughts about unions, politics, privitization, comments about cleanup, contamination on site, wildlife refuge, feelings about nuclear weapons, medical compensation by the government, problems with the government.

Dennison, Bill (William D.)
Skinger, Stan A., 1942-
Rocky Flats Plant (U.S.)
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This interview is part of a series about Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant.
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