Bistline, Bob

Bistline, Bob
Bistline, Robert W., interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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People: Carl J. Johnson

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Topics: description of facilities in Buildings 122 and 123 (facilities for decontamination of workers, lung counter facilities, disposition of lung counters including one to Russia), radiation monitoring, exposure and decontamination of workers (use of chelation for wounds contaminated with plutonium, techniques for protecting worker health and safety during cleanup), beryllium and chronic beryllium disease (beryllium exposure and worker protection during production and cleanup, chronic beryllium disease among former Rocky Flats workers), health risks and compensation issues (work to get compensation for workers with radioactivity, beryllium and chemical exposures, Neutron Dose Reconstruction Project, meetings with activists in the 1970s, refutation of Dr. Carl Johnson’s epidemiological work, Colorado Department of Health Rocky Flats Study examining risk to surrounding population from Rocky Flats contamination, controversial early plutonium studies by Wright Langham, “body burden” and “lung burden” defined, low level of cancers showing up in Rocky Flats workers, creation of programs to computerize medical records at Rocky Flats), Rocky Flats cleanup (relationship with union and workers during cleanup, inexperience of cleanup contract workers in radiation work, incident of small amount of radiation not being picked up in initial monitoring during taking down of Building 771, no worker deaths or serious injuries during cleanup, disposal of plutonium and other waste during cleanup, thoughts about closure of Rocky Flats, support for wildlife refuge on site).



Bistline, Robert W.
Johnson, Carl J.
Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (U.S.)
Beryllium Health aspects Colorado.
Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Safety measures Colorado Rocky Flats.
Plutonium in the body.
Plutonium Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radiation Safety measures.
Radioactive waste sites Cleanup Colorado Rocky Flats.
Workers compensation Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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