Ingalls, Huntley

Ingalls, Huntley
Ingalls, Huntley, interviewee; Crispe, Robyn, interviewer; McCutcheon, Liz, videographer;
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59 minutes, 8 seconds

People: Layton Kor, George Hurley, Bob Culp, Jane Bendixen, David Rearick, Robert Kamps, Charlie Roskosz


Places: Boulder


Topics: what drew him to the West, attraction of rock climbing, early rock climbing experiences, Boulder County area rock climbs (Bastille Crack, Ruper, various climbs in Rocky Mountain National Park), first and second ascents (The Titan, 1962 National Geographic article about climbing The Titan, Castleton Tower, support party for second ascent of The Diamond on Longs Peak), method of rating climbs, climbing accidents (Standing Rock in Canyonlands, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, The Diamond on Longs Peak, climbing safety), climbing in the 1960s, traditional vs. sport climbing, rock climbing history. Includes videographed photographs taken by the interviewee for the National Geographic article written by him about first ascent of The Titan, and of rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park (including the second ascent of The Diamond on Longs Peak).



Ingalls, Huntley
Rock climbing Accidents.
Rock climbing, Colorado, Boulder County History.
Rock climbing, Colorado, Boulder County.
Rock climbing, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Park.
Rock climbing, Utah.
Boulder (Colo.), History, Biography.
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digital mini DV
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