DeMayo, Eugene F.

DeMayo, Eugene F.
DeMayo, Eugene F., 1956-, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer;
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People: Adam Babich

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant

Topics: work with Sierra Club to oppose fluidized bed and plutonium recovery incinerators at Rocky Flats, successful lawsuits alleging violation of environmental laws, information from FBI raid and leaked Grand Jury report relevant to the lawsuits, work as group chair for Rachel Carson group (of Sierra Club) in charge of Rocky Flats issues, shutdown of Rocky Flats, work with Rocky Flats citizens’ advisory groups, Rocky Flats Future Site Use Working Group (members, recommendation for site to become open space, recommendation for cleanup to “background” levels of radiation), Rocky Flats Clean-up Commission, Rocky Flats Citizen Advisory Board, role of citizens’ groups in cleanup, cleanup of Rocky Flats (designation of site as Wildlife Refuge, remaining radioactive contamination on site), rewards and difficulties of working on Rocky Flats issues, Department of Energy cover-ups, feelings about nuclear weapons, nuclear war, nuclear waste, relations with news media, reflections on doing environmental work.


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DeMayo, Eugene F., 1956-
Rocky Flats Plant (U.S.)
Rocky Flats Citizens Advisory Board.
Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission.
Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (U.S.)
Sierra Club. Rocky Mountain Chapter. Indian Peaks Group.
Nuclear weapons plants Environmental aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Political activists Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radioactive waste disposal Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radioactive waste sites Cleanup Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge (Colo.).
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