Warling, Norman R.

Warling, Norman R.
Warling, Norman R., 1955-, interviewee; Nordhaus, Hannah, interviewer;
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People: Willie Warling, Jr.


Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant


Topics: father’s (Willie Warling, Jr. – see Oral History record 0927) work at Rocky Flats 1964-1990, his death from bone cancer, interviewee’s work at Rocky Flats from 1974 on, job as radiation monitor (aka RPT, radiation protection tech), experiences with decontamination, worker safety at Rocky Flats (dangers of beryllium not disclosed, lack of safety training for workers in 1970s, radiation contamination, contamination and acid leaks in building 771, problems with dosimeter badges, alpha/gamma and neutron radiation, limitations of lung counter technology, incompleteness of radiation exposure records, lack of adequate protection for chemical spills until the late 1980s, union push for worker safety, pressure to meet production schedule, worker safety under different contractors, worker-management relations), descriptions of buildings 44, 771 and 371, quality of Rocky Flats cleanup (contamination under buildings, burial and dump sites, contamination of foundations and water), FBI raid, allegation that incinerator was run illegally, safety of Rocky Flats for surrounding community, protesters, nuclear weapons and nuclear power, women working in production areas, Rocky Flats as part of Cold War effort.



Warling, Norman R., 1955-
Warling, Willie, Jr.
Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (U. S.)
Rocky Flats Plant (U. S.)
Beryllium Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats. Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Safety measures Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radiation dosimetry.
Radiation Safety measures.
Radioactive waste sites Cleanup Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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