Elofson, Paula Elofson-Gardine and Susan Elofson-Hurst

Elofson, Paula Elofson-Gardine and Susan Elofson-Hurst
Elofson-Gardine, Paula, 1953-, interviewee; Elofson-Hurst, Susan, 1951-, interviewee; Ciarlo, Dorothy D., interviewer; Pois, Anne Marie,videographer;
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Activism regarding safety of community surrounding Rocky Flats (government surveillance and harassment of them as activists, attending meetings and speaking out, materials written to educate the public and distributed to the media, Environmental Information Network, use and display of protest signs, rally at the state capitol building, controversy over their tactics, sharing successful strategies with other groups, taking foreign groups on “tour” of Rocky Flats).


Evidence of ratioactive contamination in or near the plant (contamination of cattle, incidence of cancer and birth defects, birth defect that caused the death of Susan Hurst’s baby, Dose Reconstruction Study (aka Health Study), Haystack fire, 903 pad, contaminants leaching from landfill to groundwater, improper disposal of contaminated fluids, tritium contamination of nearby residents in the 1970s, chromic acid contamination, incident with air monitor that blew offsite, whistleblowers Jacque Brever and Karen Fitz).
First exposure to Rocky Flats when bidding on a roofing contract.
Includes 2 videographed photographs of aerial photos of the Rocky Flats plant and surrounding land.
Regulatory and study groups (Rocky Flats Cleanup Committee, Citizens Advisory Board, Aherne Commission on Nuclear Facility Safety).
Relationships with other people and groups (other activists, the FBI, the media, Rocky Flats workers, Rocky Flats administration).
Safety of Wildlife Refuge on the Rocky Flats site.


Supplemental material available in the OH file includes Environmental Information Network (EIN, Inc.) fact sheets, position papers and newsletter; and an excerpt from the book “The Fail Safe Society” by Charles Piller, which deals with Rocky Flats and the interviewees’ activism.


Brever, Jacque.
Elofson-Gardine, Paula, 1953-
Elofson-Hurst, Susan, 1951--
Fitz, Karen.
Johnson, Carl.
Lipsky, Jon S.
Martell, Ed.
Seeman, Joan.
Nuclear weapons plants Environmental aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Political activists Colorado Rocky Flats.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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