Jenkins, Chris C.

Jenkins, Chris C.
Jenkins, Chris C., interviewee; Dornan, Bob, videographer; McCutcheon, Liz, interviewer;
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35 minutes, 2 seconds

Chris Jenkins, the inventor of the Chris-cutter, a machine for cutting stone, talks about the development of that machine, which revolutionized the stone cutting business. With the Chris-cutter, a stone cutter could go from being able to cut one ton of stone a day to cutting five tons per hour. It also could cut thinner and more fragile pieces than other machines on the market. The interview includes discussion of the development, marketing, funding and technology involved. There is also a brief demonstration of one of the machines being used, shown on the video version of the interview.

Jenkins, Chris C.
Summers, Dewey.
Quarries and quarrying, Colorado, Lyons.
Sandstone, Colorado, Lyons.
Stone industry and trade, Colorado, Lyons.
Stone-cutters, Colorado, Lyons.
Boulder (Colo.), History, Biography.
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