Pilcher, Jan

Pilcher, Jan
Pilcher, Jan V., 1947-, interviewee; Moore, LeRoy, interviewer;
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Jan Pilcher got involved with activism and organizing around Rocky Flats in the early 1970s. She helped create the booklet “Local Hazard, Global Threat,” which framed citizens? concerns about Flats? operation as well as concerns about disarmament and contamination. In this interview, Jan talks about how she learned about Rocky Flats, the formative experiences that led to her pacifist philosophy, her work on Rocky Flats issues?working with citizens, scientists, and the media?as well as lessons learned about engaging with public, private, and governmental entities.
This interview is part of a series of interviews about the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant.
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Pilcher, Jan V., 1947-.
Antinuclear movement Colorado.
Cold War Moral and ethical aspects.
Nuclear weapons in the press.
Nuclear weapons industry Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Environmental aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Health aspects Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons plants Safety measures Colorado Rocky Flats.
Nuclear weapons Moral and ethical aspects.
Political activists Colorado Rocky Flats.
Political participation Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radiation Health aspects
Radioactive decontamination Colorado Rocky Flats.
Radioactive waste sites Cleanup Colorado Rocky Flats.
Jefferson County (Colo.) History Biography.
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