Bowers, James M.

Bowers, James M.
Bowers, James M., 1936-, interviewee; Plass, Timothy W., videographer; Rucker, Leland, interviewer;
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Jim Bowers, former planning director (1966-1967) and city council person (1967-1971) speaks about his time in both of these positiions. This period was marked by riots stemming from opposition to the Vietnam War and changes in the social and political attitudes of many young people, which Bowers recalls. On the other hand, Bowers also recalls his time on city council as having been a relaitvely peaceful and congenial time amongst the council members themselves as well as with the general citizenry and other entitites such as Boulder County, the Federal government and the Boulder Valley School District. One exception he speaks of at length was an episode in which threats were made to the lives of council members over consideration of the removal of the lighted cross and star on Flagstaff Mountain. He also tells about serving on the RTD board of directors for twelve years beginning with the creation of RTD in 1969.
This interview is part of a series of interviews with City of Boulder government officials.

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Bowers, James M., 1936-.
Knecht, Robert W.
Tedesco, Ted.
Weiser, Ricky (Martha) Richardson, 1924-2002.
Regional Transportation District (RTD)(Boulder County, Colo.)
City council members Colorado Boulder.
City planners Colorado Boulder.
Nineteen sixties Political aspects.
Nineteen sixties Social aspects.
Boulder (Colo.) City Planning Department.
Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
Boulder (Colo.) Politics and government.
Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder, Colo.)
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