Gallon, Zhenya

Gallon, Zhenya
Gallon, Zhenya, interviewee; Pois, Anne Marie, videographer; Rabson, Diane, interviewer;
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Zhenya Gallon, a science editor and writer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, moved to Boulder more than thirty years ago. In this interview she describes her early spiritual life on the East Coast in terms of her family’s Judaism and as a member of a family affected by the Holocaust. She also talks about the development of her sexuality as a lesbian, and links the topics of spirituality and sexuality as she describes her involvement in a havurah (a small group of like-minded Jews who practice and socialize together) of Jewish lesbians in Boulder, their work to create a Haggadah for Passover Seders, and her eventual finding of a spiritual home with the Jewish Renewal congregation of Nevei Kodesh.
This interview is part of a series about the history of the Jewish community in Boulder.
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Firestone, Tirzah. Gallon, Zhenya. Schacter-Shalomi, Zalman, 1924-. Gays Colorado Boulder. Jewish lesbians Colorado Boulder. Jews Identity. Jews Colorado Boulder. Judaism Lesbians Colorado Boulder. Religious institutions Colorado Boulder. Synagogues Colorado Boulder. Women in Judaism. Boulder (Colo.) History Biography.
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