Cole, Joanne

Cole, Joanne
Cole, Joanne 1956-, interviewee; Williamson, Mary Ann, interviewer; Sanders, Alexandro, videographer;
Date Recorded:
October 31, 2010
Date digitized:
October 31, 2010
Length of interview:
30 minutes, 45 seconds

Joanne Cole, who evacuated her mountain home in Gold Hill during the Fourmile Fire, first describes her experiences during the Sugarloaf Fire. She talks about her minimalist approach to deciding what to take with her when evacuating for the Fourmile Fire and also discusses the work that she and her neighbors did in their community before leaving to try to increase the chances that their houses would not burn (such as pulling all flammable things away from the houses). She reflects on problems of communication during the fire and also observes that “the luxury of time creates the problem of decision” in deciding what to take when evacuating. Her house did not burn, and she was able to return to it after the fire.


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Original Format:
digital video
This interview is one of a series about the Fourmile Canyon Fire of 2010. Originally recorded to be used in making the film PACKED, this interview was later donated to the Maria Rogers Oral history Program for archiving.
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