Homner, Michael

Homner, Michael
Homner, Michael,1960, interviewee; Kirkwood, Katie, interviewer;
Date Recorded:
April 24, 2013
Date digitized:
April 24, 2013
Length of interview:
65 minutes, 41 seconds

Mike Homner came from a middle class family and held various jobs before becoming homeless. He was homeless for five years, but at the time of this oral history he had acquired housing.  He identifies the main causes of homelessness being physical or mental health problems, in addition to financial hardships. In this interview Mike talks about: the typical day of a homeless person; the experience of sleeping outside; the experience of staying in a shelter; the treatment of the homeless by the general public; conditions that make it difficult to acquire and keep a job; and the stress of living on the street as well as the positive, communal aspects. He notes advantages that he had—such as a mental health agency, a benefits coordinator who assisted with paperwork, owning a vehicle, and having ties to the faith community.  He finishes by explaining his life philosophy and crediting the help that ultimately shifted his living circumstances.


Homelessness, Colorado, Boulder
Homeless persons, Colorado, Boulder
Shelters for the homeless, Colorado, Boulder
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digital audio
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