Salazar, Edwina OH

Salazar, Edwina OH
Salazar, Eduina, interviewee; Valdez, Euvaldo, interviewer; Lamas, Veronica, videographer; De Luna, Deisy, videographer;
Date Recorded:
July 10, 2013
Date digitized:
July 10, 2013
Length of interview:
44 minutes, 8 seconds

Edwina Salazar is the executive director of the OUR Center in Longmont, Colorado. She was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1948. Her father’s family, originally of Jewish origin, was from Northern New Mexico but had moved to the San Luis Valley in Colorado.  Her mother’s family members were farm workers who settled in Erie.  Ms. Salazar attended a liberal Catholic school in the 1960s where the nuns and priests were active in civil rights and anti-war movements.  Her mother, who died when Edwina was 14, cleaned houses and insisted Edwina get an education so she could do better.  Ms. Salazar attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins where she discovered her passion for social work.  She describes civil rights and anti-war agitation while she was there.  She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work.  She moved to Longmont in 1992, where she helped arrange for a monument in Kensington Park for two unarmed Hispanic youths killed by police in 1980.  She describes the OUR Center and her work with it.

Longmont, Colo.
social workers.
public art, Colorado, Longmont.
OUR Center (Longmont, Colo.).
poverty, Colorado, Longmont.
Hispanic Americans, Colorado, Boulder County.
racism, Colorado, Boulder County.
minorities, Colorado, Boulder County.
nonprofit organizations, Colorado.
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digital mini DV
This interview is part of a series with Latino residents in Boulder County, conducted in collaboration with the Boulder County Latino History Project
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