Barron, Len

Barron, Len
Barron, Len, 1933, interviewee; Lomas, Leslie, interviewer; Bowes, Megan, videographer;
Date Recorded:
September 6, 2013
Date digitized:
September 6, 2013
Length of interview:
92 minutes, 58 seconds

Len Barron talks about his life, beginning with his childhood during the Depression and World War II years in Chelsea, Massachusetts, followed by his move to Boulder, Colorado, 50 years prior to this interview. He speaks about how he learned the principals that underpin his philosophy of what is important in life, including being nice to people, appreciating beauty, maintaining a sense of play, and the importance of fairness. He describes his years as a student at the University of Colorado, where he became a freshman at the age of thirty and founded the still-successful Volunteer Clearing House. He talks about the importance of education and touches on an alternative high school he founded in Boulder (Spring School). He then concentrates on his involvement with radio station KGNU, describing events and shows that he initiated and carried on for many years, including the shows “Of Cabbages and Kings” and “On Parenting and Other Things,” and wraps up with a discussion of KGNU on-site coverage of the Rocky Flats encirclement.

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Education Philosophy
Radio station KGNU (Boulder, Colo.)
Public radio, Colorado, Boulder
Radio stations, Colorado, Boulder
KGNU Radio (Boulder, Colo.)
Nuclear weapons plants
Rocky Flats Plant (U.S.)
Political activists, Colorado, Boulder
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digital mini DV
This interview is one of a series about the history of the radio station KGNU
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