Valdez, Euvaldo

Valdez, Euvaldo
Valdez, Euvaldo, 1940- , interviewee; Lorenz, Luke, interviewer;
Date Recorded:
20 August 2013
Date digitized:
20 August 2013
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85 minutes, 3 seconds

Euvaldo Valdez, a retired Boulder Valley School District administrator, talks about his early years in the district, focusing mainly on the 1970s. He touches on his childhood, growing up in Abo, New Mexico, his schooling at the University of New Mexico and University of Denver, his brief teaching career at his old high school in Albuquerque, and his move to Boulder in 1969. Issues discussed include: the 1968 bond issue that provided money for school infrastructure; the vote on the name for the brand new Centaurus High School in Lafayette; the reorganization of the Boulder Valley School District to bring together the various area districts into one district; the trend at that time of building open-plan elementary schools with no classrooms or grade levels; the relationship between Boulder High School, the City of Boulder, and the University of Colorado; the influx of “hippies,” and the increasing number of minorities as the town of Boulder grew rapidly in the ‘70s; the involvement of Boulder High School students in protesting the Vietnam War, and the lettuce boycott; and the creation of a new Vo-Tech program at Boulder High School. He talks about his interactions with superintendents Paul Smith and Pat Ryan, as well as members of the community at large. He also mentions his experiences with racism in his professional role.


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