Lamas, Veronica

Lamas, Veronica
Lamas, Veronica, interviewee, 1991-; De Luna, Deisy, interviewer and videographer;
Date Recorded:
August 19, 2013
Date digitized:
August 19, 2013
Length of interview:
26 minutes, 54 seconds

Veronica was born in 1991 in Oregon. Her parents, who had come to this country in 1984 from Mexico for job opportunities, worked as agricultural laborers, moving between Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Texas to find employment. When she was a young child her parents were arrested for being illegal immigrants and sent to jail in Oregon. She relates the difficulties and humiliations that ensued for her and her siblings, including her two older siblings being forced to walk through the airports wearing handcuffs and leg shackles as they were put in foster care; the bullying she endured at school for her impoverished situation; and the difficulties of growing up without a father after her mother’s release and her father’s deportation. She also talks about her (successful) struggle to obtain a college education and her ambition to be an immigration lawyer, born of her childhood experience of wanting to help her father.

Latinos Colorado Boulder County Hispanic Americans, Colorado, Boulder County
Mexican Americans, Colorado, Boulder County
Discrimination, Colorado, Boulder County
Minorities, Colorado, Boulder County
Immigrants, Colorado, Boulder County
Deportation, United States
Original Format:
mini-dv video
This interview is one of a series with members of the Boulder County Latino community. It was recorded in collaboration with the Boulder County Latino History Project.
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Copyright restrictions applying to the use or reproduction of oral history interviews are available from the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History/Boulder Public Library.
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