Cook, Kay and Burger, Douglas

Cook, Kay and Burger, Douglas
Cook, Kay 1939-, interviewee; Burger, Douglass 1937-, interviewee; Jacobs, Jerry, interviewer; McCutcheon, Liz, videographer;
Date Recorded:
December 18, 2013
Date digitized:
December 18, 2013
Length of interview:
42 minutes, 51 seconds

Kay Cook and Doug Burger relate their experiences during the 2013 Boulder flood. Kay and Doug were living in the small mountain community of Salina, Colorado, at the time. They describe the way their experience of the flood unfolded as cars, houses and all their possessions washed away. They describe the way they had to evacuate multiple times to move to safer ground, including a challenging rescue by zip line across the raging creek waters. They discuss the losses they faced, the beauty and power of the flood, and the power of community support, which they felt throughout from both strangers and friends.

floods, Colorado, Boulder County.
natural disasters, Colorado, Boulder County.
search and rescue operations, Colorado, Boulder County.
Salina, (Boulder County, Colo.).
landslides, Colorado, Boulder County.
Original Format:
digital mini DV
This interview is part of a collection of interviews about the Flood of 2013.
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