Tohno, Akiko

Tohno, Akiko
Semprum, Maria, 1962-, interviewer; Tohno, Akiko, 1981-, interviewee; Pois, Anne Marie, videographer;
Date Recorded:
July 18, 2014
Date digitized:
July 18, 2014
Length of interview:
25 minutes, 35 seconds

After saving enough money to travel abroad, Akiko Tohno moved to New York City from Japan, hoping to improve her English. She met the man who later became her husband because they both were looking for conversation partners—he to learn Japanese and she to learn English. After marrying, they moved to Boulder, her husband’s hometown. Akiko talks about how Japan differs from the United States, things she misses about Japan, and also about the things she loves about Boulder, where she now feels at home. She particularly describes how the Boulder Public Library’s English conversation class fostered friendships with people from other countries and her appreciation of the overall positive atmosphere of Boulder’s library.

immigrants, Colorado, Boulder
Japan, customs
Libraries and adult education, Colorado, Boulder
Original Format:
digital mini DV
This interview is part of a series in which immigrant members of the Boulder Public Library’s English conversation class interviewed each other about their home countries and their experiences since arriving in Boulder.
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