Barsamian, Kadriye U.

Barsamian, Kadriye U.
Barsamian, Kadriye U., 1963- , interviewee; McDaniel, Rattana Toi, interviewer; McDaniel, Rattana Toi, videographer;
Date Recorded:
October 8, 2014
Date digitized:
October 8, 2014
Length of interview:
32 minutes, 42 seconds

Kadriye Barsamian immigrated to the United States fourteen years ago from her native Turkey. At first she was taken aback by Boulder’s smallness compared to Ankara, which has seven million people. She has come to love the quiet, cleanliness, and beauty of nature here—and above all, the bright blue skies. Nonetheless, as much as she enjoys living in Boulder, she still thinks of Turkey as home—a place where she left behind family and friends and where she is more at home in her native language. She speaks of the beauty of Turkey and its culture of hospitality; and she worries about the influence of ISIS there and the plight of the Kurdish people. She also speaks about changes she perceives in Boulder. Fourteen years ago, when she first arrived, she found it to be a welcoming place in which she did not experience discrimination, but she feels that minorities have become more invisible and less welcome here over the years.

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digital mini DV
This interview is part of a series in which immigrants who were members of the Boulder Public Library Outreach Program’s English conversation class interviewed each other about their home countries and their experiences since arriving in Boulder.
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