Murillo, Maria

Murillo, Maria
Murillo, Maria, interviewee; Semprum, Maria, 1962-, interviewer; Semprum, Maria, 1962- , videographer;
Date Recorded:
October 16, 2014
Date digitized:
October 16, 2014
Length of interview:
16 minutes, 47 seconds

Maria Murillo immigrated to the United States from Venezuela eighteen years before this interview was conducted. Initially, she came to Colorado with her husband and two children so that her husband could go to graduate school at the Colorado School of Mines. Eventually, she moved to Boulder and attended the University of Colorado as a graduate student herself and now teaches high school math. She describes the great beauty of Venezuela and talks about things that she misses from her country of origin, but also comments on the safety, cleanliness and sense of welcome that she has experienced in Boulder, which she now considers her home. She discusses friendships she has made—although she finds Americans to be welcoming, as for many immigrants in Boulder, her long-term friendships have mainly been with other foreigners.

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Original Format:
digital mini DV
This interview is part of a series in which immigrants who were members of the Boulder Public Library Outreach Program’s English conversation class interviewed each other about their home countries and their experiences since arriving in Boulder.
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