Agnona, Silvia

Agnona, Silvia
Agnona, Silvia, 1978- , interviewee; Semprum, Maria, 1962-, interviewer; Semprum, Maria, 1962- , videographer;
Date Recorded:
October 16, 2014
Date digitized:
October 16, 2014
Length of interview:
25 minutes, 11 seconds

Silvia Agnona immigrated to the United States nine years ago from Italy (by way of Norway and Denmark, where she lived before coming to the United States). She describes the great variety of landscapes and the beauty of Italy, as well as the strength of the family and some of the regional variety of food in Italian culture. Although she misses seeing her parents and Italian friends more often, she has come to see Boulder as her home—a place where her lifestyle is a good fit and a place where she has made good friendships. Nonetheless, she discusses adjustments that she has made to assimilate into American culture and talks about the ways in which she hopes that Boulder will do more to help other immigrants who may not be as lucky as she was but who add much to our collective culture.


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Original Format:
digital mini DV
This interview is part of a series in which immigrants who were members of the Boulder Public Library Outreach Program’s English conversation class interviewed each other about their home countries and their experiences since arriving in Boulder.
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