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Whitman, William T. – OH1973

Bill Whitman was born and raised in Tyler, Texas, served in the US Air Force as a radar operator during the Korean conflict, and received his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas. Mr. Whitman moved to Boulder in … Continue reading

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Foley, Mary Jane – OH1338

People: W. W. Degge, Peter Leyner   Places: Boulder, North Boulder   Subjects: area south of Baseline in the 1940s (Martin’s Farm which later became Martin Acres, hunting on Toedli’s Ranch), change in names of Boulder streets from numbered avenues … Continue reading

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Moser, Cliff – OH1306

Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder in the 1950s, Martin Acres subdivision (construction, cost of houses, residents), Boulder-Denver Toll Road (Turnpike), annual statewide marching band contest in Boulder, work with the Colorado Fish and Game Department, comments on Boulder Open Space … Continue reading

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Suitts, Bill – OH1293

People: George and Everett Williams, John and Randy Pitts, Allen Lefferdink, Elizabeth (Beth) Suitts   Places: Boulder, Louisville   Subjects: Colorado Mortgage Company, Centennial Valley development, Guardian Savings and Loan (in Denver), Martin Acres (development, cost of homes in 1955-56, … Continue reading

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Yeager, Margaret M. (Kay) – OH0773

Boulder, Brooks Fauber store, NIST (National Bureau of Standards), dry days in Boulder, moving county lines, Chautauqua, hippies, hippie businesses today, library, Pearl Street, North Boulder, PEO Sisterhood, Fortnightly Club, Martin Acres, Mr. Yeager, Robert McFarland, Mary Rippon, Judge Martin, … Continue reading

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King, Gretchen Goit – OH0656

People: Prissy Bowron, Ann Bradley, Sarah Lou Diller, Bill Elwood, Bill Elwood,Jr., Paul Hefron, Eleanor Lindstrom, Alden McGrew, John Pudlick, Steve Tebo, Williams brothers (Everett and George)   Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder since 1952, University of Colorado, Martin Acres, … Continue reading

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Patterson, Jack V. – OH0435

People: Emma “Bugtown” Birge, Injun Joe.   Places: Boulder.   Topics: fires, Gorham Mine, railroad, Moffat Tunnel; University Training School, Highland School, University Hill School, North Side [Northside] Intermediate School, Boulder High School; power plant, Chautauqua, Halloween, Marine & Aurora … Continue reading

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Woodbury, Ray L. – OH0430

People: Phil Hanning, Allen Lefferdink. Places: Boulder. Topics: changes, buildings, streets, gas lines, Turnpike, Post Office, Postal savings, city housing, Martin Acres, Longs Gardens, Crossroads Mall, Bureau of Standards, National State Bank (Buckingham).  

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George C. Williams – OH0708

This interview discusses growth and development around Boulder, including: Gunbarrel area residential and commercial development; Boulder Country Club; IBM; NCAR; Martin Acres; C.U. (Williams Towers and Industrial Park). Also talks about political, social, religious, and cultural aspects of Boulder in … Continue reading

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Smith, Marjorie Powell – OH0812

Places:  Boulder   Topics:  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church; Martin Acres; Chautauqua; hippies; anti-war demonstrations.  

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